Monday, July 25, 2011

Sunny day!

Hai readers :D
So, tomorrow i'm going on vacations. yeah i need some sun and meeting new people ahah so what a better day then today to make a sunny post :b
Here is it:

Close up:

Beanie: Mushie :: Beanie - Pale [TFG] by Bonnie Forder
i'm selling this beanie for the fashion garret summer edition, with a couple of other items :D go grab yours ^^ oh it is unisex (:

Hair: [kik]hair-Olive by as001 Littlething
Ok, so i'm in looooove with this hair, this is so cute! love the bangle and love the way my face turns out so pretty *_*

geez! - Wayfarer by andy crannock

Skin: the body co. Iris by thebodyco resident
At the beginning i was sooo mad that everyone looked so good with this skin, and my avie looked like, i dont know, a monster maybe lmao.. but then i took some time to make a nw shape and ta daaah! :D

Necklace: NHA! Necklace by kyrha Bouscario
LOVE! i love feather items and this colorful one is amazing, sooo summery *_*

Vest: oyakin*fur* by kinbo Akina

Bracelet: KOSH- SELVA OSCURA by Lynaja Bade
It is kinda oldie but, i love it and i use it a LOT, very, very well made! i love all the items Lynaja makes, they are all very well made and the textures are yummy :o

Ring: lilies - yard sale by Liliana Barrs
Aw my gawd! this store is sooo cute! you should tp there if you dont know it yet :D

Bag: [croire] chic chain by Emily Kaestner

Dress: priss. Parker Dress [NEW] by Erin Winterwolf
SO, as soon as i saw this dress on Erin's flickr i fell in love! this is so god damn cuteeee *_* cant take it off :O

+mocha+ Loose Socks by flexagons Villota

Shoes: Mstyle RIVEA by mikee mokeev

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Have a great week, cause i'll have an great one as well *_*

Hugs, kisses and popsicles,
Bonnie x

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Creamy pallet

Hai there x

Mkay so i've been a little busy these days! i'm working on something really new :b you should keep an eye on ahah
But, well my blog post today is a mix and match of some patterns and a creamy tons pallet (: hope you enjoy

Close up:

Hair: Maitreya Lara II by Onyx LeShelle

Skin: the body co. Iris by thebodyco resident

Earrings: [ glow ] studio Sevilla [NEW] by linka demina

Necklaces: [PM] Group Gift [NEW] by Tya Fallingbridge / [bellballs] Trendy Tribal by viollette vyper

Belt: .:Vive9:. Pouff Pardon [Part of a dress] by Sanya Bilavio

::je suis...prete:: [NEW] by Julia Merosi

CONCRETE FLOWERS [Season Hunt] by Lynaja Bade / [ glow ] studio Decoy [NEW] by linka demina

Top: tulip. Two Weeks [TFG Edition] by Minami Susanowa

Skirt: ~*INDIE ROSE*~ Layered Floral [NEW] by angelina eizenberg

Socks: *League* Side-Gartered by Nena Janus

Shoes: *Tea Time* Happy summer Boots by tea xofan

Usually i would make a comment or two of the items i'm wearing.. but lately i dont have much time for that, so i promise that my next post would have comments *_* today i'm not that inspired or in a good mood so :x sorry for that readers.
Have a wonderful day :D

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Hugs kisses and popsicles,
Bonnie x

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Real Life Love Challenge Entry

Okies so here is mine :D

hmm, the thing that i like the most on me is my smile.. i feel like when some one gives you a warm smile you can have a really good conversation with them so i think i have a nice smile
The other thing are my nails (LMAO) yes they are real and reaaaally mine that’s why i like them so so much :b
I really like my skin tone and my chin dimple ahah
SO this is my contribution (: hope to see some more faces out here

Bonnie x

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Windy Hippi

Hi y'all :D
i've been kinda lazy/busy these days lmao.. But i tried to make some nice photos for this blog post, that i really hope you enjoy :D
Mkay so this time i didn't go out running like crazy for a nice place to take a photo so i took it at home! YAY *_*

Close up:

Hair: Maitreya Jordyn by Onyx LeShelle
Since i bought tis hair i can't change it :o cause the texture are so smoth and well done that it looks so good! Just gorgeous :D

Head Band: ~Pepper~ Headband by Danni Pfeffer
I really Love this head band. I have one looking like this but without the beads and feathers and in a soft tone of caramel, and every time i wear it people can't stop calling me Pocahontas. So i thought that it would be a nice accessory for this outfit! And yes, the head band is the cutest thing ever :D

Skin: the body co. Iris by thebodyco Resident

Necklace: Modd.G Horoscope by moddishh gossipgirl

Tattoo: Bruno Ray. Tattoo [Costum made name tattoos. IM for Info] by Bruno3948 Raymaker

Top: priss. [NEW] by Erin Winterwolf
Love the way Erin played with this awesome messy textures and gave them name that match perfectly with the texture! Love that, genius! I love your colors.

Jacket: ~*INDIE ROSE*~ Flower Lace by Angelina Eizenberg
yay, this lace jacket is so so so me! super cute and so summery :D gotta love it! Indie Rose have some great and super cute clothes *_*

Bag: =IZUMIYA= by Izumi Homewood

Jeans: Zaara : Classic jeans [NEW] by Zaara Kohime
oh my :o this jeans are so well made, so flawless! and withe jeans = SUMMER!

Shoes: Reek - Ikat [50L$ Friday] by riq graves

Scooter: (pda) [Seasons Hunt] by Izzy Bereznyak
Seriously? this item scooter is so AMAZING! gosh you better run to grab this one :b

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Hugs kisses an popsicles,
Bonnie x

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hanging out!

Hai :D
Ok so me and Bruno decided to make a post :b and this was the result :o

Close up

On me
Hat: tram *anchor cap by Moca Loup
Hair: ++AY.LinE++Hydrangea [NEW] by Anywa Nyoki
Skin: [Inaya] Skin - Mayamann [NEW] by Sandro Fratica
Necklaces: MStyle Ribbon Necklace by Mikee Mokeev // tram lips necklace by Moca Loup
Soda Float: [Love Soul] Soda float by Bluestarrui Villota
Bangles: fri. - Loop Bangles by Viva Monday
Shirt: Maitreya BF Shirt [NEW] by Onyx LeShelle
Socks: ..::DARE::.. Lace Stockings by Chance Greatrex
Shoes: ::GB:: Leather Bootie [NEW] by Takuya Jinn

On Bruno
Skin - the body co. Fox by thebodyco Resident
Beard - NANUK birk beard by Dowr Resident
Shirt & Tie - *FIR & MNA* The Gilmore White Shirt by Rob1977 Moonites
Hoodie - ::GB::OPEN HOODIES [NEW] by Takuya Jinn
Pants - *Muism* Casual Fit Corduroys by Icemocolo Voom
Hair - Dura-Boys&Girls 18 [NEW] by chiaki Xue
Glasses - ROLE OPTIC GLASSES ADVANTAGE [NEW] by Rohal Schnyder
Cuffs - Kari - Key Cuff [NEW] by Menno Ophelia
Shoes - [Gos] Desert Boots by Gospel Voom

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"Normally shirts with ties go well with blazers and hoodies go well with tees. However, I tried to combine them this time! It's something like a mix of casual and formal styles. Why don't we try playing out of the rules? :p Well, this is what it turned out to be! Cool? I liked it... : )" By Bruno

Hugs, kisses and popsicles
Bonnie x

Saturday, July 9, 2011

On my way to the company

So yesterday i went to a friends party so i made the photos but i didnt have time to make the blog post. Sorry for that wonderful readers. So ok, i'll do it riggggght now :b and i really hope you enjoy the photos as well the outfit i pull together to this one :D

Colse up:

Hair: [e] Falling [NEW for fifty lindens Fridays] by elikapeka tiramisu
Well i'm not very inspired today for this kind of coments lmao (dont even ask me why, cause i dont know as well :o) but, lets start.. when i saw the NC for fifty lindens fridays i'll have to admit that the first store i tped to was this one :3 i know that elika always have so freaking cute hairs, so i was confident that this one will be the same.. and it waaaaas :D so happy for that, i really like short hairs with ponytails they are cute as hell *-*

Skin: LAQ ~ Olivia [NEW] by Mallory Cowen
OMG this skin, OMG (LMAO i just remember an episode from american dad that roger asks francine to bought him some chocodiles, and when he is almost finishing the package he went like "omg francine these chocodiles OMG these chocodiles" ahahah ok so now for the post :x) as i was saying OMG THIS SKIN so damn cuteeee, love the freckles and i already missed a skin from laq with freckles. So this is a to have skin on your inventory :D

Eyes: :F: Douceur eyes [NEW] by alexandra barcelos

Earrings: [bellballs] Dangling Disc Earring by armanno dannunzio

Necklaces 1: DECO - Essential Pearl [Old Group Gift] by BETLOG Hax

Necklaces 2: Berries Inc. Matilda Necklace by summse Sands

Necklaces 3: [bellballs] Disc Charm Necklace [FREE :3] by viollette vyper

Clutch: Indy&Co.: Snakeskin by Indyra Seigo

Coffee: {theosophy} Chai Tea Latte by trace osterham
gosh this makes me want to drink it till the last drop :O cause its so real and and yummy :D

blazer: {mon tissu} Rockaby by Anouk Spot
Very very nicly done love the texture and the sculpteds are really good :D

Top: R.icielli - IRIS body by fhara acacia

Pants: Maitreya - Acer Chino [NEW] by Onyx LeShelle
Onyx, these new releases are flawless. i cant say anything else to this but FLAWLESS and super stylish super super super! thank you for making such good clothes, shoes and heels :D

Heels: Maitreya Gold * Allegre [NEW] by Onyx LeShelle

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Hugs kisses and popsicles,
Bonnie x

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Windy day!

Hello my wonderful readers,
Yesterday i started the photo shoot later in the morning, and finish the editing stuff even later so i didn't have time to post them cause i was reaaaaaally tired. But well, here i am and here they are (: hope you guys enjoy this post! ❤

Close up:

Hair: AOHARU_HAIR_Daria [NEW] By machang Pichot
Lovely, its the word i find to describe this hair (: so light so soft so cute sooo lovely. Also, love the detail of the headband passing trough the hair! What a wonderful hair.

Earrings: [MANDALA]KABUKI EARRING [NEW] By kikunosuke eel
LOVE THEM! i'm not a great fan of pink, but this skin makeup inspired me to a very light pallet of colors, and as i lobe cream brown and sandy tones i had to "spice" it up a little bit so i choose a light pallet of pinks and i think it turned out really good.. So i have this new wonderful collection of these MANDALA Earrings, i got all happy when i saw i had on my bag a version of then in pink :D
As i said in another blog post, Mandala is one of my fav stores of jewelry, they are so detailed and the textures are great! and this new collection is no exception! Keep up the outstanding work.

Skin: -Glam Affair- Layla [NEW] By aida ewing
Aida Aida i wish i could have your skills ahah. Seriously, i see a lot of popular skin on very poor shapes and sometimes i cant even tell if they really are the brand that i'm think off.. But till today i never saw one glam affair skin looking not so good in a shape, they are look stunning (: so that a heck of a talent! oh, plus this yummy lips that i always want to kiss and bite my own lips!

Necklace: [bellballs] Disc Charm By viollette vyper
Despite of being a very simple necklace, the disc makes everything, very cute and lovely textures.. i got the pink one but you can find a couple of very nice colors at the store, and even a zebra printed disc as a gift (:

Thank top: elly::basic.tank [NEW] By Elly Naire
I found this cute new store while i was in a mission of finding new stores with good products and that i didnt see that much bloggers blogging, i think that right know its a pretty known store (i guess) but i couldnt resist, i had to make a look with this thank top, so cute.. very simple but with nice and smooth textures! Love it.

Cardigan: [LeLutka]-OTONO cardigan By azufr3 catteneo
I think i already blogged this cardigan and blurb about it as well. see previous posts if you want to know what i already said about it ❤ (very good thing ofc :b)

Shorts: elly::high.waisted [NEW] By Elly Naire

Belt: R.icielli - QUEEN belt [NEW] By fhara acacia
I love a big, original and lovely belt like this, actually i spend a lot of money with accessories on rl. So ofc i'm a fashion lover, and cause of my job RL i always have to be perfectly presented (: so yeah this is a gorgeous belt that fhara made, and i guess that we all approve right? :b

Bag: R.icielli - 2.55 classic bag [NEW] By Fhara acacia

Socks: Mushie :: k&k Socks [Available only on Marketplace] By Bonnie Forder

Heels: I ALEIDA I Malene pump By aleida rhode

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Hugs, Kisses and popsicles,
Bonnie x

Monday, July 4, 2011

Empty Brain!

Hello :D
well, i got some good advices today and so i decided to change my way to present the photos i do to my blog.. i need to show better the smaller details and so on the normal photo i'll add the smaller details such as shoes, jewelry, etc. (: i'll keep the close up photo cause i really like clean close ups!
So here you go ❤

Close up:

Hair: [Shag] - Bombshell [NEW] by Sebastien Aries
Gosh, sebastien went crazy, cause this hair is freaking AWESOME. I tried with a couple of different styles and it fits great on every single one :D that is a skill LMAO

Skin: *Birth* Abi Skin [NEW] by Silent Alchemi
NOM NOM NOM what a yummy skin, gorgeous lips :o i feel like i want to kiss myself ahah

Necklace 1: LaGyo_Padlock by gyorgyna larnia
this is an old necklace from TDR :( so i think you wont be able to find it anymore.

Necklace 2: Shampoooo Clock Necklace by MIRU Luik

Blouse: AOHARU_CottonShirt [NEW] by machang Pichot
Machang you have skills, DANG! ahah this one is great. I use this style a lot on rl with the scarf and belt like this.. so this is totally me :D Nice work here!!

Bracelet: miel - CHUM bracelet [Group Gift] by mika nieuport
I'm really happy when creators spend a good amount of time making some gifts, because they wouldnt be nothing without costumers support, so i feel like they should gift costumers if not often, then with a nice gift when they do! And congrats to Miel, cause this is a very nice one.

Bag: R.icielli - 2.55 Classic bag [NEW] by fhara acacia
Fhara have the combo of great great designer and great great person, the best combo ever.. I already told that i hate cocky people and rude designers... BECAUSE, as i said before, designers wouldn't be nothing without costumers, and some times they can be really bad to their own costumers... so when i meet a nice one i get all excited, this is good.
okies so now about the bags, err.... OH-MAY-GAWD aren't they just perfect? love them.. Well they dont came with a pose but they have two bag options, one for hand and another for the shoulder :D

Ring: R.icielli - IRIS SKULL RING [NEW] by fhara acacia

Pants: The Secret Store - Embroidered flared pants by Maylee oh
Seriously? gosh.. i have no words to describe Maylee's work.. I saw The secret store going bigger and bigger and bigger, and now i can tell that this one is better then a lot of very popular stores you might know.. You know why? because, every single thing that maylee Create is perfect, and they are made with a lot of love :D

Shoes: Mstyle RIVEA Pumps [NEW] by mikee mokeev
ok, so *takes a deep breath* OH MY GAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWD! seriously, i think those shoes are one of my favs, no kidding! they are stunning.. the only thing i think the designer should improve is the HUD, its a bit confuse and you have to figure it out how to apply the color you want.. but besides that, i love this shoes and i think i'm going to use them A LOT ahah

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Hugs kisses and popsicles,
Bonnie x

Color me!

Hello girls,
Mkay so today i'm going to make 2 posts, but this one will be very short :D so here he goes!

Close up:

Okies so now for the credits :b

Hair: Maitreya Lara [NEW] by Onyx LeShelle
Beanie: Maitreya Unisex Beanie by Onyx LeShelle
Skin: -Glam Affair - Layla by aida ewing
Glasses: [[SHADE THRONE]] BIG BOSS [NEW] by Undo Hermano
Piercing: [bellballs] Single Septum by EatThe Bearsfoot
Cigarette: {Gentleman} Lady White by Raph Dirval
Necklace: [[SHADE THRONE]] THE BEAT KONDUCTA by Undo Hermano
Shirt: Emery - Top Thriller by sunami Beck
Pants: [LWL] Billie Jeans by Faint Paulse
Bag: [label mode] cake handbag by Label mode
Brace1: ::je::suis:: by Julia Merosi
Brace2: Lagyo [old gorup gift] by gyorgyna larnia
Socks: *BOOM* Cuffed socks by Aranel Ah
Shoes: [label mode] Amber shoe by Label mode

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hugs, kisses and popsicles,
Bonnie x

Friday, July 1, 2011

The reborn

Hello :b
Long time no see.. well yeah my college fulls me up a lot :/ and it was hard to get 5 mins to make some new posts... but now i've finished everything and soooo (: blogging again YAY! mkay, so let me show you guys an outfit that i pulled together to show you :D

Close up:


Hair1: [LeLutka]-LOOSE [NEW for HAIR FAIR] by : Thora CharronNom nom nom :b this on is from the bull image instead of the close up picture.. isnt it cute? :o yes i know *--*

Hair2: [LeLutka]-RAIN hair by: Thora Charron
Head Piece: LaGyo_Lurex ball by: gyorgyna larniawell, yes this is kinda old but i never forget to use oldies that i love on my new released posts :D i think i like that thing of oldies and news :D

Skin: -Glam Affair - Nina V [old item for TDR] by: aida ewingYES YES YES, if you are looking for cute and stunning faces you have to tp yourself right noe to glam affair, and if you have a good taste i'm pretty positive that you already have a good collection of these skins. :D

Earrings: [MANDALA]KABUKI EARRING [NEW] by: kikunosuke eel
Necklace: [MANDALA]KABUKI NECKLACE [NEW] by: kikunosuke eelOk, so these store is outstanding, the amout of work kikunoseke spent to make a single necklace is hugeeee and the result? PERFECT!

Vest: R.icielli - SCARLLET vest by: fhara acacia
Shirt: *Crazy* Julia Dress by: loan Jogiches
Shorts: (Milk Motion) by: Marie Lauridsen
Clutch: HouseofFox :: StellaClutch by: fashionboi landar
Bangles: *COCO*_Bangles by: Cocoro lemon
Leggings: Mushie :: Cow Leggings by: Bonnie Forder
Heels: N-core SOLEIL [NEW] by: claire messengerYAY these heels are so perfect, and the HUD? yes oh my gawd lawl! i just want to wear them all day long.. and the best thing is that on sl my feet wont hurt :b

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Hugs kisses and popsicles,
Bonnie x