Saturday, August 25, 2012

Long time no see :)

Hai there readers, as you might know i stoped my blogging posts for a while, i've been setting up my new appeal store called FAKE, and i wanted to share with you some of my newest creations. I will start blogging again soon, for the ones who miss my posts :) so keep an eye on. This is my new sim and FAKE's building:
Looks good huh? :D So i'll share some of the skin lines we've made:
And this is Rose, our newest creation. It isn't ready for purchase yet, as we are finishing the final details!
you can follow me via Flickr. And you can also teleport to FAKE right now :D Love, Bonnie x

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Hello, FAKE made some new releases, a brand new skin which has no eyebrows nor makeup.. So you can add your own style to it. All the eyeshadows, lipsticks, cleavages, freckles and brows are purchasable at the store! Here, take a look
Come take a look at FAKE Lots of love FAKE TEAM

Monday, May 28, 2012

Long time no see / FAKE

Hello Guys :p Well i was sooo busy RL with college and stuff that i couldn't login. But yes i'm back and with good awesome news! So that store i was talking about and showing some sneak peaks of the designs is now open :D It's called FAKE and for the opening we made a wonderful skin, some eye wear, some lipsticks, a pack of freckles, shapes and for the guys? 4 types of new beards high quality. So come over to see it by yourself. But well, let me show you some detailed photos. Our skin was made and looks exactly like the photos if you use sky preset "AnaLu *studio* 5" (graphics on ultra) lets just say, i hate facelights and i hate when i go to a store and i get blind cause of them :( its horrible.. So ladies lets start using sky presets instead of facelights :D
So this is the cream tone with one of our glosses and eye makeup!
For the guys these are 2 of the 4 types available! And there are 3 tones for you to choose.
So yes, FAKE is now open to public. And for the opening we created a contest which i dare you to participate!
For more details about it, go to my flickr page. HERE Have a wonderful week and don't forget to pass by FAKE! With love, FAKE TEAM

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Never Seen

Hai there people
Long time no see :b yes i know.. but i've been super busy with my store and i was making some new things so i couldnt had that much time to blog :D now im all set up, and i will be blogging more often i promise :b

Close up:

Hair: [LeLutka] NEW by Thora Charron
skin: Mushie :: Ema NEW by Bonnie Forder
Necklace & Ring: je suis by Julia Merosi
Scarf: Mushie :: NEW by Bonnie Forder
Top: [SC] Surf Couture by Emma Gilmour
Blazer: priss. NEW by Erin Winterwolf
Pants: priss. NEW by Erin Winterwolf
Bag: TSS Girly briefcase by Maylee Oh
Shoes: Maitreya Gold * Allegre by Onyx LeShelle

Pose: Hmaem NEW poses by riri bazar

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Hugs kisses and popsicles,
Bonnie x

Friday, August 5, 2011

Bright day!

Hello :)
Well, i got a super boring day lmao and i decided to take a couple of photos, then i choose the ones i like the most edit them just a little bit and ta daah! i could make a blog post and a little short review on flickr :b
Here's my look of the day ❤

Close up:

Hair: AOHARU by machang Pichot
Skin: LAQ [NEW] by Mallory Cowen
Necklace: KOSH by Lynaja Bade
Body: [W&B] [NEW for FLF] by Dakota Buck
Vest: [AV] by miraiwave iwish
Skirt: R.icielli [NEW] by Fhara Acacia
Bag: Color.Me.H.O.F [NEW for FLF] by fashionboi landar
Socks: Tee*fy [NEW for FLF] by Azure Electricteeth
Shoes: Reek by riq graves
Poses from hmaem by riri bazar

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Hugs, kisses and popsicles
Bonnie x

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'll take you to a ride!

Hai again :b
as i said before i was thinking about making 3 posts today.. but i managed to make only 2 so this is the final one for today :b and it is going to be a bit smaller :/ sorry but my time is getting shorter and i have sooo many things to do :(
hey i hope that you like it anyways ❤

Close up:


Head Band: duboo. by newreem waffle

Hair: [Shag] Voulez-Vous [NEW] by Sebastien Aries
Omg this hair is great *_* i'm not that fan of this tyoe of bangs but this one is so cuteeee :D Nice job Seb (:

Skin: [Inaya] Skin [NEW] by Sandro Fratica
Inaya is releasing a new generation of skins, and i am totally happy for beeing part of Sandro's list of bloggers! Those new skins are awesome and so different then the skins i'm used to see or wear!

Necklace: [bellballs] by viollette vyper

Top: Tee*fy by Azure Electricteeth

Cardigan: [ATOMIC] Cozy Cardi by Ivy Graves

Shorts: The Secret Store [NEW] By Maylee oh

YAY i'm so in love with this series of shorts that maylee did, you should tp to her store and grab them all. Seriously they're all sooooo CUTE!

Belt: *Tea Time* [NEW] by Tea Xofan

New collection of belts from Tea Time ^^ all really good and nice textured! this one is actually my fav haha and i will wear it till i get tired, wich is going to take some time :b

Bag: [croire] by Emily Kaestner

Shoes: *FIR & MNA* [for the seassons hunt] by rob1977 moonites

Sorry, but the seassons hunt is already over, so i think you wont be able to grab those shoes if you didnt before :(

NEW Poses from Hate me and eat me by riri bazar

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Hugs kisses and popsicles,
Bonnie x

My green place...

Hai y'all :b
Well i was on vacations the past week and now i'm back for more blogging.. As i got new stuff to blog i think today imma make 2 or 3 posts lmao not sure.. cause this is going to be a really busy week for me, so making 3 posts today gets me free to work the whole week. :D Sooo, let me show you the first look :b

Close up:

Hair: [Anaphora]_Nikole by Vidal Giordano
it's kinda embarrassing cause i didnt know this store :o and i found out by inspecting a hair from a girl i saw randomly at maitreya when i was buying her new release :b and i actually fell in love and bought a coupple of hairstyles and decided to blog this one :b isnt it cute? *_* i think soo!

Glasses: *Glasiz* LiveLife [NEW] by Enzo Davies
I found this new store with this crazy glasses and i saw that they have quality so i give it a change. AND i loveee them..the store is quite new, not everyone knows it, BUT SHOULD.. So get your a***s over there and grab yourself a pair or two who knows :b

Skin: [FC] by michi fhang

Ears: AITUI by jesseaitui petion

Necklace: KOSH [NEW] by Lynaja Bade
LOVEEEEEE so well made *_* i love all the items from kosh :D

Cardigan: =IZUMIYA= by Izumi Homewood

Top: Ingenue :: [NEW] by Betty Doyle
This is a new release from ingenue and i must say that all of ingenue's clothes are sooo cute and well done (: Love them all *_*

Belt: Baiastice [NEW] by Sissy Pessoa
i'm in love with this belt, gosh :o

Shorts: (Milk Motion) [NEW] by Marie Lauridsen

Bag: (Milk Motion) [NEW] by Marie Lauridsen

Shoes: Maitreya Gold [NEW] by Onyx LeShelle
Every time onyx makes a new release i NEVER et disappointed NEVER! All her creations are AMAZING and i couldnt live without this new shoes :D

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hugs kisses and popsicles,
Bonnie x