Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The village painter

Eh! I look like a village girl or something... or at least that's what my brain tells me so... When i was a little little girl, i always wanted to be an artist! Now arts.. they have so many paths.. from music, to acting.. to PAINTING...! :D So what did i decide to do today? To try out my painting skills.. So, i woke up with that idea... Opened my closet, and told myself i should wear something simple for my own sake.. but hey, i can't just wear something simple and crappy :P i didn't resist to go at least with one of my favorite skirts, obviously... Even tho, i like to keep it simple, and you can do it aswell with good quality stuff ;)
I know, i didn't say cheese. But i did my best to pose muahahahar

Skin: *League* Taylor Suntan -BlackIce
League League.. One of my fav. stores for skins :) Since the day my best friend told me about it, i really really enjoyed it. She's a skin-whore, so obviously she knows all the good spots. This is one, and if u never checked it, u are definitely missing something on your second life...

Painting "tattoo" - *bcbc* Art School Insanity
Here, a small little cute store, with funny VERY funny stuff (accessories and such), and the owner is just as funny as the store :P that's all i'm gonna reveal, go check it yourself muahah!

Hair: Amacci - Hair Coleen
I must admit i knew this store for awhile, but i never went to check it that much.. now i saw they are making new hair and i must say its... WELL JUST LOOK AT THE PIC!! Isn't it great?! i really love it... (u can scroll down for a close-up :P)

Ears: *~*Illusions*~* Mystic Ears: Fairy/Naturals
I went to this store, through a friend who told me i could get elf ears there.. i arrive and i think "omg its that old store i knew that had masks!" lawl.. it's funny we see stores that for some reason leave a spot on our mind and later we end up getting back there randomly and see new things :)

Necklace & Bracelet: KOSH - LOTUS
This place doesn't stop surprising me, jeez.. i LOVE their accessories, love love love.. PLEASE KEEP GOING!

Piercing: [ skream! ] - I Don't Care
Once again, i'll just say i love this piercing. This store has really cute stuff but i don't want to repeat myself :P

Top: PIDIDDLE - Kimchi Racerback - Teal
I don't know this store much yet, but i got some stuff from there.. wich obviously means its cool :P i like the simplicity of this top actually. some ppl don't like simple, some people do...

Skirt: DeeTaleZ - Skirt highwaist grey jeans
HAH. the one skirt. I obviously don't need to talk about the store anymore - been there done that. And most of you probably know this awesome store anyway.. but this skirt specially is way too cute, not to mention the nice sculpty! Retro and cute style ftw!

Flats: *Action- Womens Espadrille Flats - Bistro
Action! OMG, this store is so old, yet keeps going and going on, with better and better stuff. i think ive known this store since i started my SL, wich was long ago! If you like sports, if you like sportive style, beach and alternative styles, this is your perfect store! And these flats are just way too cute ^^
1: *Everglow*

Lashes & Nails Mentioned on previous posts!

So yeah, as you can see, i ended up all marked with painting splashes, what's the conclusion? Painting is not my thing... Failsauce... (thank god my skirt didn't get any paint splash! haha)

Hugs kisses and popsicles

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Foggy Night

Hallo (:
Yeah thats right, yesterday during the day i was melting because it was so hot and someone told me that it would be the most hot day in the country i live.. But i was shocked when it was like nine o'clock and i decided to go take a walk with some friends and the night was like the photo (i would show you guys :p) So yup i had to make a post with that!

Hair: (Posh) ; Rumor - By Jeanie Valois
Blogging again a hair from posh, i cant resist it is so cuteeeeee *_* i wish she release some news, I want MOAWRRR!

Hat: Couture brand Boudoir Pearl Dispersion hat - By Vitabela Dubrovna
Love it, so chique and sexy at the same time, i love poshy things :D me + poshy clothes = Love

Skin: [LeLutka]-LOLASkissed - By Minnu Palen
Lelutka skins makes me remind high fashion models, they have that awkward beauty, love it ♥

Necklace1: Mariposa: Jewels: Aubade - By Felicity Winslet

Necklace2: ::Happy Finds:: Gypsy Necklace - By AnnoyingJapaneseChild Dinosaur

Vest: .:*W.:*bolero white& ear cover FREE - By Miraiwave Iwish

Top: Maitreya Bodysuit de la Ruche - By Onyx LeShelleMaitreya is one of the stores that never disappoints me, every single Onyx send out some new stuff it is incredibly done. Love you Onyx!

Belt: Maitreya Viento Belt - By Onyx LeShelle

Bracelet: Mariposa: Jewels: Aubade Bangles - By Felicity Winslet

Bag: -MonS- "Grammy" Handbag* - By ekilem Xenno
This was a new store that i've found out, and i have to tell you that you must visit it, a lot of great accessories that you'll find there and probably buy :p so yup after the post start making tp to there!! :D

Skirt: AOHARU LaceRuffleSkirt - By machang Pichot
C'mon... I think that everybody knows what i think about AOHARU, cause i bet it is the same you guys think... AMAZING!

Socks: ..::DARE::.. Lace Stockings - By Chance Greatrex
Great poses at Dare, but really... i fall in love with this Socks, so much that i had to take the fat pack x.x ♥

Shoes: *COCO* OxfordShoes Two-Tone - By Cocoro Lemon
Cocoro Lemon i love you woman (: seriously... Keep on the awsome work you've done so far!!

Hugs kisses and popsicles,

Monday, July 5, 2010

In the waiting line

Hiya Guys, We have been a little busy in rl.. Thats why you dont see any updates around here. But we've agreed that when one of us have some time we can make a "solo" post, and we are available together then we make a post with both of us.
So today i had to take my brother to the airport, he plays soccer and he have a lot of tournments, so i've come up with this idea of waiting for my train to come so i can go and enjoy my hollidays. So yeah it turns out a very good photo i guess (:

Here it is.

A close up.


Hat: Cockles Straw Hat - Lace B - By Xerras Azalee
Hair: !lamb. Sleepyhead - Snickers - By Lamb Bellic 
Skin: [ATOMIC] Skin Faith_Mocha - Earth - By Ivy Graves
Lashes: [LeLutka] - LOLA Lashes - By Minnu Palen
Necklace 1: KOSH-HIBERNATION NECKLACE - By Lynaja Bade  
Necklace 2: .+*AA*+.Feather&bullets black - By aya Huldschinsky
Top: {SMS} Pendant Tank Green - By Irie Campese
Vest: choramchoramimi* ivory cardi [FREE] - By naho Myoo 
Belt: *COCO*_WideWaistBelt_Brown - By cocoro Lemon 
Skirt: oyakin*fril-miniskirt(kinari) - By kinbo Akina 
Braces: *COCO*_Bangles(Urban-02) - By cocoro Lemon 
Shoulder Bag: Baiastice All Days-caramel shouder bag - By Sissy pessoa
Tights: Tee*fy Leo-Pard Leggins (Brown) - By Azure Electricteeth
Shoes: [LeLutka]-Pow Pumps (Tan/Black) - By Minnu Palen

i'm in a rush due to RL, so unfortunately i wont comment any of these stores :(

Hugs kisses and popsicles,