By adding your brand logo you'll be seen by lots and lots of Second Life residents :D

Pricing for Bonnie Redaction Network Advertising Package:

15 Day Campaign: $1,500L
30 Day Campaign: $2,500L
3 months: $6,500L 
6 months: $12,000L 
1 year: $20,000L

Until 31st December 50% off :D  
I will automatically pay you back your 50% off discount

Ad Requirements:
Images will have to be 125×125px and they will be linked to your SLurl! YAYY
Acceptable ad formats are .jpg, .png or .gif only

To start advertising please send an email to and the payment amount to Bonnie Forder of the packaged you choosed. Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Your email have to include:
- The SLURL of you store to be linked with your advertisement;
- Your payment transaction (pasted from the transactions history);
- Email image or the link in the correct format and size.

I will automatically pay you back your 50% off

To renew your add you'll receive an e-mail to warn you and explaining all the details.

Thank you so much for your help