Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dont tell anyone my secret!

Sorry guys but today i really really really have to make a small post without the talking :\ to busy with school things :'(

close up:

Hair: Cake - Papercut by - Stumbelina Ophelia
Well this a an old release from cake, and my fav hair from that store (: ithink it is super chick, yeah thats why i like it :b lmao

!Imabee: Petal - Rory [NEW] by - Brendon Papp
Yeah Imabee have some cuteeeeee skins, if you are into pale skins this is the brand you're looking for (: seriously, Always have cute makeups and super detailed body! is a to have skin in your inventory :D

R.icielli - MONSERRAT shirt [NEW] by - Fhara Acacia
YEAH!!! i dont know if you guys now but i'm portuguese and when i found designers who speak portuguese and with wonderfull designs i get like YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! LMAO :b and yes r.icielli is such a good store :D love all the clothes they do :D awesomesauce! 

Pants: The secret store - high waist pants by - Maylee Oh
Well this store is no longer a secret, i've been blogging it for a while, and thats because maylee is such a tallented designer who makes such an amazing clothes!

Bracelet and ring: LaGyo [NEW] by - Gyorgyna LarniaYup guys Lagyo Rocks :D the bracelet is a subscribo gift (better run to get it) and the ring is part of the new winter collection and if i was you i would get all of those great pieces Lagyo have :D Love them so so much *.*

Shoes: [LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps by - Minnu Palen
old gift from halloween (: Love this shoes :D

Poses from: *MayoNaise* by - Tomoyo Breitman


Hugs, kisses and popsicles,
Bonnie x

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Now What?

Hallo Hallo :D
Today i'm soo tired, but that doesnt stop me frm posting :b but well it will make me do a smaller post :( sorry dears!
DELA, Gypsys, and poison have some new arrivals and that's what i'm going to show you today :D sounds good uh? yeah check it out (:

Close up:

Hair: (Dernier Cri) Taylor by - Asuka Martin
Oh gosh, i love this hair, i think that is one of the best curly hairs on the grid, i love the way the menu works. you just attach the hair and click it for the menu with the colors :D its very good since you dont have 5 hairs in the same folder :D love it ^^

Skin: *League* Taylor Pale by - Nena Janus
I already blogged league skins 2 or 3 times, but i'll never get tired of those, i love the details and the shades.. Nena Janus makes our job easier by adding on the same folder lots of options like freks, cleavage, hair base and normal so you can choose whats the best option for you! Cant get tired of league skins, EVER!! ❤

Gypsys! Dinner time necklace [NEW] by - Gypsy Bondar
Gypsy release these new necklaces which i'm in love with :D come with 4 options fork or spoon and silver or gold :D they are great :D

Jacket: =DeLa*= Flight Jacket [NEW] by - Kuranosuke Kamachi
I've always love Dela designs, the sculpteds are so great and she have such a good imagination and talent to make these clothes! i simple love it! this is a new arrival so i know that you'll going to buy one of this too :b pretty awesome uh? :D

Top: Ingenue :: Lepidoptera Blouse [NEW] by - Betty Doyle
I love the clothes from ingenue, they are great for casual outfits and posh/ chick outfit as well, i really love when designer can combine that 2 things! makes me want to have all that stuff on RL as well :b keep up like that pleaseeee ❤

Jeans: -Poison- Original jeans [NEW] by - Corocota Torok
I got to be honest with you, for me this is a new store, i find it a coupple of days ago but i really love it. Have a different style but still, you'll love it as much as i do :D

Boots: [SC] Olea Boots [NEW] 50L$ Friday by - Emma Gilmour
LOVE LOVE LOVE they look so real, everything that Emma does you must love :D btw this is a to have piece go grab it fast :b

from hate me and eat me by - riri bazar


Hugs, kisses and popsicles,
Bonnie x

Friday, October 29, 2010

Should i wait for him?

Hallo :D
i'm very happy today, and the results are that this pic comes out very cuteee :D super chick, and i LOVE this look!
Hope you guys are fine too, and enjoy this pic and post as well as i do xoxo.

oh my gawd :o look at this stunning dress, skin, jewels and shoes (: LOVE LOVE LOVE this look!
Close up:

Hair: [e] Away by - Elikapeka Tiramisu
I dont get tired of this hairstyle, and i'm pretty sure that all of you have at least one hairstyle from Elikatira, they are cute, chick and amazing ❤ Can't wait for new releases!!

Skin: : HS : Ayame : Bliss by - Amesha Jewell
Hey look out this stunning face :D i love this skin well done super hawt and so so so cute! and guess what? YEAH girls its free :b gotta run there now before it goes away from your hands ahah

Dress: The Secret Store - Black Rose [NEW] by - Maylee Oh
GUYS GUYS GUYS omg :o Maylee oh did such an AMAZING job with these dresses ❤ Well i'm using the Black rose, but she made other 3 patterns which are Pretty Poopy with an amazing floral and colorful pattern, Scottish Dahlia with some autumn colors looks so warm and comfy :D , and Koi Bloom Which is a stunning deep red pattern you'll wish for :D hurry up laddies :b

Shoes: Maitreya Gold * Foxy [NEW] by - Onyx LeShelle
Well, i always love this kind of shoes and style, but i never got the opportunity to combine this shoes with something else, but now that i did i'm very glad.. Maitreya is one of my fav stores since ever Onyx makes such an outstanding work on every single think she touches :b if you are a lucky girl and have yourself one of these maitreya gold shoes, you'll agree with me when i say that the feet are so damn real, the textures the nails.. etc.. Love them forevaa ❤

Jewelry: Lagyo [NEW] Winter collection by - Gyorgyna Larnia
The Necklace, the ring, the bracelet.. omg everything.. I always loved Gyorgyna colletion and i got to say that this one... omg this one :o is STUNNING, so original so chick so everything.. Almost every jewel have texture change which mean that you can change the textures of your ring, necklace, etc.. to make it go better with your outfit :p isnt it great? :D yeah it is!! I WANT MOAWR NEW RELEASES from Lagyo MOAWRRR, they are so damn great :D *.* ❤

Poses: Idea Motus [NEW] by- thess Larnia
If you're looking for some different and avant gard poses, where is the place! Got to tell you that Thess is doing an amazing job with these poses, seriously you dont see any one like those, so i sincerly advice you girl to run there right now (: they are AWESOMEE!


Hugs, kisses and popsicles
Bonnie x

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Grafity zone!

Hello people!
What's up? :b

Thanks to Hunain Bellic i'm going to make a post with a totally different style, hmm but i guess i kinda like it :D let me see if you agree with me lmao!

Close up:

Hair: fri. - Sasha - by Parvarti Monday
Skin: *League* Taylor Deeptan - by Nena Janus
Tattoo: [HUZ]-Hellish [NEW]  by Hunain Bellic
Guys guys guys! TP now to HUZTATS, seriously this tattoo is amazing! the folder comes with 4 different shades Black, dark, medium and light. Face and no face option.

Bubblegum: [PF] Yum Bubblegum!  by- Mochi Milena
Ring: LaGyo_Metalla ring copper [NEW]   by - Gyorgyna Larnia
Top: (epoque) Baggy Crop Tank   by - Vintage McMillan
Jacket: ][AV][ jacket check redish [NEW]   by - Miraiwave Iwish
Belt: AOHARU_Jeans_SkinnyStraight  by- machang Pichot
Jeans: fri. - Low.Rise Jeans (Black)
Shoes: Action Unisex Chukka Boot  by -MarilynMonroe Munro

Poses from : Idea Motus  [NEW] -  by thess Larnia


Hugs, kisses and popsicles,
Bonnie x

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Colors of the wind

Hiyall (:
Yeah as i said on the previous post,yesteday i didn't got time to blog anything so today i decided to make 2 posts! I was choosing some stuff to mix and match together, and i was freaking out cause i couldnt find any necklace to go with all the outfit i had already choose, so THANK GOD Gyorgyna Larnia have some AWESOME releases for the winter :D. Take a look

close up:

Hair: Maitreya Miabella  -  Onyx LeShelle
Skin: *League* Taylor Deeptan  -  Nena Janus 
Necklace: LaGyo_Pallium poncho+necklace  - Gyorgyna Larnia  [NEW] 
Dress and Socks: Glasnost - Posh Outfit  -  Light Claven 
Shoes: Action Unisex Chukka Boot  -  MarilynMonroe Munro 


Hugs, kisses and popsicles,
Bonnie x

Like Amsterdam

Hello :D
Well, sorry about yesterday, i didn't have time to blog cause i had to study anatomy! But yes here's a post for you :b ❤ (and probably i'll make a double post today..

Close up:


Hair:    [ 69 ] JESSICA 02 (by Kumii Yoshikawa) [NEW]
Skin:    [PF] Ember  - Fade  (by Mochi Milena)
Necklace:    (yummy) Feather Necklace (by Polyester Partridge)
Bolero:    The Secret Store - Bow -Lero (by Maylee oh) 
Shirt:    fri. - Longsleeve Scoop.Tee  (by Parvarti Monday)
Belt:    *COCO* WideWaistBelt (cocoro lemon)
Shorts:    (Milk Motion) my high waist jean shorts (by Marie Lauridsen)
socks:    **DP**Candy socks(green) (by toraji Voom)
Boots:    J's Western Boots (by JB Gazov)
Bag:    Modd.G Sally Floral Clutch Gatcha_Red  (by moddishh GossipGirl)

Poses: LAP (by Dove Swanson)

Add me on flickr guys :D

Hugs, kisses and popsicles
Bonnie x

Monday, October 25, 2010

Not going anywhere!


Today i wasnt pretty much inspired but i think the foto came out good anyways.. have to be honest, the scenario helps A LOT guys... Anyone who want to visit this place can check out the pick of AM radio, enjoy the places guys ❤
And here's what you want to check it out :b

Close up:

Hair: [e] Melody [NEW]
Hari Band: ~Pepper~ Headband
Skins: *CandyDoll* Aurora Natural Tanned [NEW]
Makeup: [ATOMIC] 2.0 Victim Makeup - Alejandro [NEW]
Tongue: [Acide] cloue moi la langue [NEW]
Jacket: .: Naive :. Tapadito Gold
Top: [SC] Surf Couture - Hermana Tank
Belt: AOHARU Jeans-SkinnyStraght
Jeans: *CandyDoll* RipLow White/Blue [NEW]
Bag: -Poison- +Bal+A -Maya bag
Gloves: Twosome Gatcha Gloves brown stripes
Boots: [SC] Surf Couture - Parker Knit Boots

Pose: Sunflower  by Helianthus Mesmer

Hugs, kisses and popsicles,
Bonnie x

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Shag :D

Sorry about the double post, but shag released a new and super cute hair that i have to share with you girls :b

Close up (:

Credits -
Hair: [Shag] - Sexy Sadie [NEW]
Skin: Lara Hurley Skin-Leah Tan [NEW]
Purple Mask: hate me and eat me - m-u-0028 [NEW]
Scarf: Berries Inc. scarf frost [NEW]
Dress: :SK Designs: Agya [NEW]
Cardigan: =IZUMIYA= Cardigan/Navy [NEW]
Socks: 1mm*** Nordic socks
Boots: ~Pepper~ Uggs [NEW]


Hugs, kisses and popsicles
Bonnie x

Today its a rainy day!

Hello people :D
I'm really excited with this post :o cause i think the photos turn out very cute and good :)
This is a mix and match of very different stores, which get very good together *.* , let me show you to see if you agree with me :b

a close up (:

Skin: [Inaya] Skin TayLlia
Hair: [e] Away [NEW]
Head Band:(TokiD) ruf ribon -lime green
Freckles: L.Fauna Dimples Freckles
Brush: /ME "Starving Artist" Paintbrush
I wont share any slurl because /ME is re-opening friday, so you'll have to wait till it is friday :D
Necklace:  Gypsys! Dreamcatcher necklace [NEW]
Top: *Crazy* Flow Top Beige [NEW]
Jacket: AOHARU SimpleJaket-Black
Pants: (Royal Blue) Padded Gen Denim in Snow [NEW]
Boots: Mentine ~Tight Knee Boots ~

Umbrella: Baffle! My Vintage Umbrella [NEW] 
Omg Baffle store is SO CUTEEEE! you gotta run there, not gonna regret i promise you :D

Hugs, kisses and popsicles,
Bonnie x

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Hello y'all
 I know i told you that i wouldn't be able to post today, but AOHARU made some new releases  and i couldnt stay without blogging them, so this will be a very quick post like lately.. Well i've blog about AOHARU several times, and i always tell you that i love all this clothes and shoes and so far this woman never disapoint me on her new releases, which are ALWAYS outstanding :D Love it!!  When i get more time i'll make bigger posts, i promise ♥ 

Cute uh? :D yeaah i know, love these dresses (:

Skin: :: Exodi :: Lily v2 Cherry - Girlie (Lt/C)
Hair:  (Dernier Cri) - Taylor browns 
Necklace:  ::Happy Finds:: Gypsy Necklace - Floral Wheel
Dress:  AOHARU_CablesKnitDress_Ivory, withe, red
Socks:  *Fishy Strawberry* Woolen Tights purple and beige (The dressing room) 
Shoes:  :Kookie: Miss Vo pumps / Multi

Poses from : LAP ♥ by: Dove Sawnson

Since i dont have much time left, i wont be able to make the links with the slurls, but fell free to im me, if you cant find any of these stores i've blogged (:

Hugs, kisses and popsicles,
Bonnie x

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Double post :b

As i said before, i have to make a double post (: so yup here it is ^^

A close up for this super cute skin with and without theet!

Hair: [Shag] - Breathe Me - cinnamon

Skin: *[ESUGA]* Victoria -ExGirlfriend-redbrow
I never had a skin with theet i kinda tought they were super strange in a certain way, but i did loke this one very much, it is so damn cuteeee :D

I really dont have more to say about this store, always absolutely adoreable every single time! I s2 Concrete Flowers!!

Necklace: Shampoooo Clock Necklace !(Chest)

Top: (Dernier Cri) - Ranger Tank
Seriously, you are going to LOVE the hair styles of this one!! Gotta run out there NOW :D
Cardigan: =IZUMIYA=Border Cardigan/Beige

Jeans: (Royal Blue) - Generation Denim Jeans in Coal
I've been a fan of this store for a while, awesome and with super original clothes! Keep it like that *.*

Bag: ::Happy Finds:: Collage Purse - Dash

Shoes: [LeLutka]-Pow Pumps

Felling good!

Hiya guys!
First of all let me tell you that today i'll make a double post :O yes, tomorrow i have to finish a work called "Pharmacy History" yeh.... i know i'm pretty much screwed lmao! So that what i have to tell you *.*
Now since autumn is around here i've decided to make something about that theme and since i love posh clothes, one with that theme as well.. I think it came out really nice :D YAY! 
Let me show them to you :b

As usual, a close up

Hair: "LoQ Hairs" Turkish Coffee - Dark Blondeglasses
Seriously? This hair is frikin hawt, ssmexy and chiquee! LOVE IT!!

Skin: [LeLutka]-LOLA_skissed-makeup1(L Brows)

Dress: Fume' - Alligator Black Dress
I absolutely adore this store, if you're a posh woman PLEASE go shop at this store... not joking you'll find all the sexy and posh dress every women dream about *.*

Leggings: Fume' - Snake Skin Leggins.

Shoes: *COCO*_OxfordShoes

.+*AA*+.Chunky pearl necklace

Bangles: *COCO*_Bangles(Urban)

Glasses: Solar Eyewear ~ Rastaban
Guys this glasses come with an hud, where you can change the color and texture in the frame or on the glass part :b They have HAWWWT! :D:D

Hugs, kisses and popsicles,
Bonnie x

Thursday, October 21, 2010


LMAO this title is brilliant :b, not that i'm wearing Kosh from head to toe.. But Lynaja sent me this AWESOME, CUTE and ORIGINAL necklace that i fell in love with, and since the moment that i try it on i new e had to make a post with it *.*
So has a rule i'll show all the photo, and next a close up with that awesome necklace,this amazing skin and this super cute hair i just got.

The close up :b TA-DAHHH

I don't have much time to make that little blurb about the stores cause i have to go to sleep, tomorrow is another day of collage (:. So, i've decide to talk about only of the new ones around here (blog)! Once again, thank you so so much Lynaja Blade, Kira Ahn and Sebastien Aries!

ok, here we go:

Skin: [dekade.] SKINS -Brooke- Tan
Eyes:*REDGRAVE* Eyes -SageGreen-
Hair: [Shag] - Erotica - chocolate
Hair Scarf: DUBOO* .mommy's old scarf [Flower/head]I absolutely adore this store, and everyone who knows too will have to agree with this! So come on you gotta visit this one *.* supeeer cute :D
Glasses: DUBOO* newnew glasses-animal
Jacket: AOHARU_PonchoCardigan_Brown

Top: fri. - Layering.Tank - V (White)
Shorts: fri. - Layering.Tank - V (White)
Socks: Pig - Striped Socks Mit Suspenders - Coffee
Boots: Lucy In Disguise - Soft Cell Boots - Brown
Bag: .:Vive9:. Wallace Bag - Lumberjack Bagged
This bag is so f*cking smexy and chique. LOVE IT, i want MOAR new stuff, the store looks empy i want to see moar awesome stuff :D

Hugs, kisses and popsicles,

Bonnie x

Rising Sun

Good Morning readers :D,
This is a quick post before collage ^^ something very cute this time, thanks to the secret store :D

And a close up of a very cute face *.*

Hat: ::{u.f.o}::soldier's hat in old time (red)

Hair: -TRUTH- Blake Streaked - honey

Skin: LAQ ~ Tess2 - 06 [Nougat] Glow skin

Lashes: [ATOMIC] Desire 

Eyes:*REDGRAVE* Eyes -MoorRain-

Top: Pig - Anarchist Slumber Party - Pumpkin

Necklace1: Shampoooo Clock Necklace

Necklace2: .+*AA*+.Feather&bullets black

Skirt: The Secret Store - Rhapsody Bloom

Tights: The Secret Store - Yellow wool tights

Bag: The Secret Store - Oh My Bag

Lucy In Disguise - Soft Cell Boots - Brown

p.s. - i don't have much time to talk about each store, but i have to talk about the secret store... It is a recent store, butttt is a store that you have to visit!! Cute and high quality clothes and acessories, and plus a great owner! As i already said, previously on this blog, i love stores with nice owners instead of the rude ones ^^. So yeah this is a "passing by" store, for sure. YAYY!! :D

Hugs, kisses and popsicles,
Bonnie x

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm Back (:

Hello guys,

Well i had some troubles with my internet and pc :/ meh... That's why i didn't bloged before.. But yes i'm back, just want to aware you that i wont be able to post everyday like before... Claire isn't with me anymore and this is one of the reasons for that!
Well in RL all my friends and family call me pochaontas, they say that i'm pretty similar to her (oh thats a good thing to ear, she is so cute *.*), so yes that was my main inspiration for this post (:.
Here you go:

And for this stunning indian face, a close up (:

So yes, as usual here comes the talk about whats going on here :b

Skin: [ATOMIC] Skin Faith_Mocha - Earth
Well i've already spoke about ATOMIC thousands of times, and i dont get tired of these amazing skins ans cute clothes that Ivy Graves do.. I LOVEEEE YOU woman (LMAO)

Eyes: *REDGRAVE* Eyes -BrownFreckle-
I have to be honest with you guys, my addiction on sl is skins, i buy a LOT of skins.. Seriously... A LOT, but redgrave skins aren't so good as LAQ's.. But yeah i went by just to try up the demos and see if they fit nicely on my shape... Then i saw Redgrave's new eyes collection, and yes i fell in love with them, they are so friking expressive and real :D Thanks for making those Emilia Redgrave. Muaahs *

Lashes: [ATOMIC] Lashes - Desire

Face Tattoo: -TRUTH- comes with Aiyanna Hair :D
Truth Hawks you are a hell of a hair makingmachine :o and i dont get tired of your gorgeous hairs NEVEEEER! Tell me, do you know anyone with more then 1 month older on sl who doesn't have a single hair from truth? you do? I DON'T BELIEVE YOUUUU :D cause its impossible not liking truth hairs!! s2
Hair: -TRUTH- Aiyana - night

Necklace/Wristbands: KOSH- OAKEN
Do you know Lynaja Bade? You should cause she ROCKS!!!! And yes, all of her stuff is high quality and super super SUPER cute *.* Love you Lynaja!

Bikini: *BOOM* Infinity Bikini Top Thick Stripes-Tropics 1
This is a summer release from Aranel Ah, but well i find it kinda indian mixed with the rest of the pieces so, TA-DAHH! goes perfect :D Btw i seriously advice you to go to BOOM and see all her new things, they are AWESOMESOUCE!

Top: DeeTaleZ MyLook Style 12 (wear me)
I think this was a group gift of july, i dont have much more to say abot DeeTalez, since i've already posted a lot of DeeTalez creations :D

Skirt: Fume' - Faux Fur Skirt (Dark)
I found this store and i absolutely love it (: She have poshy things, colorfull things, goofy things, snake, leopard, aligator skins on dresses and leggings OMG i lost myself on that store! I hope you have thousands of clients cause you deserve it! s2

Socks: Pig - Knee Sock Mit Suspenders - Couch Cushion in the Sun Sock
For the oldest people, you know that Pig is an old store and that has so many cute stuff with affordable prices :D

Boots: *chronokit* layer boots - Khaki
I Love these boots, and cause i fell in love with them i bought the fat pack, they have a menu in it so you can change some colors or the laces etc... Well you gotta try it cause they worth the effort!!

Nails: Same as usual (view previous posts for lm)

Kisses and Popsicles,
Bonnie x