Monday, January 31, 2011


Hiyaa :D
ok, so today i wasn't inspired but then i thought that this could turn into a good post :b yeah everyone loves shopping (im kinda addicted :o) on rl i spent a lot of time searching for new stores cause i hate to use what everyone else is using. Well i have a simples style denim jeans thank tops and air force from Nike :b LMAO. But, well, i like to change a bit, and somethings e get all dress up, like today, and so i've decided to make a post with some posh and classy clothes (like im using today) :D

Close up of one of my fav skins *-*

Hair: "LoQ Hairs" Turkish Coffee by - Gia Pawpad
Im not that fan of blond hairs, but i gotta be honest with you. this is one of my fav hairs that i can use it blond :o it is so chick and i dont get that feeling with tons of other hairs. So yeah you got to have yourself one, too :D
Glases: Leverocci- Morte Feroce Shades by - Jin Elfan
YAY SHADEEEES :D ahah i cant get out of my house without my shades, yes i'm super sensible to the sun light lmao (not only the sun light but also with those strong lights) and so, when i find some glasses on sl that i have similar on rl i get all excited :b. LOVE.
Skin: Lara Hurley - Aimee by - Lara Hurley
Well, i guess i dont have nothing bad to point here, and i'm pretty sure that i've blogged this one before so. Love it :D
Earrings: R.icielli - EUSTAQUIA earrings [NEW] by - Fhara Acacia
Fhara, i love you WOMAN, omg youre ALWAYS super original and stylish i dont know what you do.. but you just make me wanna wear your brand all day long 24/7 ahah
Poncho: R.icielli - MATTORI poncho [NEW] by - Fhara Acacia
Skirt: Leverocci- Etta in Leopard by - Jin Elfan
Love animal patterns, but just when they are well made :D and this is the case ahah :D a few months ago i bought one leopard thank top, and i was so excited but when i saw that thing on me -.- omg it was sooooo terrible that i really had to delete it from my inventory.. so when i get one item with animal patterns thats well made like this skirt i went CRAZYY :D
Bag: Leverocci- The Census_Bag by - Jin Elfan
Shoes: Maitreya Gold - Allure-Sock by - Onyx LeShelle
Lets be honest.. do you ever, EVER got something at maitreya that you hated or didnt like, or that you see some awkward textures or just a bad edit prim? I DIDNT ever. so thats why i have this special attention with maitreya, i always loved this store and i'm always excited when onyx do something new.. :D it makes me want to buy the whole store x.x but yeah that impossible, so today i have to show you something that i'm pretty sure you all know, despite of old this shoes will always be one of my fav shoes of sl :D

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Hugs, kisses and popsicles,
Bonnie x

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I miss you, summer :o

Helloo (: as i said, here's my new post.

:D i really love cute outfits and today i was trying to get some cuteness here, and i think it worked pretty well ^^

and as usual a close up of INAYA new skin :o it is do damn cute!!

Hair: [e] Me [NEW] by - Elikapeka Tiramisu
i just adore this hair, is so natural and actually i use this air style on rl, a lot ahah so yeah *.*
Skin: INAYA skin Ryanne [NEW] by - Sandro Fratica
WOW, when i saw this skin i fell in love :o (i think it is pretty easy thou) you girls need to have this one, seriously the body is awesome and the face? SO CUTEEEE :D love it love it love it, yeah i know im not that fan of pale skins, but this one... i really said omg when i saw how it looks with my shape :D
Teeth tattoo: Amacci - Teeth Tattoos [NEW] by - Carina Larsen
I dont even know why but i never liked to see my avi with teeth i kinda look like a retarded bunny.. But when i tried these tattoos i went like crazy cause, it looks cute and real :D so thats why i have to tell you girls, that if youre like me i think this is a pretty good purchase (:
Necklace: Modd.G Horoscope Necklace by - moddishh GossipGirl
Kinda old, but i cant stop liking it (blushes)
Dress: (Royal Blue) Fair Fairisle Dress [NEW] by - Marni Grut
seriously? dont you think it is so cute? c'mon :o yeah thats what i tought :b this is one of my fav dresses on sl. I wanna wear it all day (lmao yes i change clothes twice a day :b so this is a big thing ok? -.- ahah)
Pants: *Crazy* Leggins [NEW] by - loan Jogiches
yayy i love leggings and i really love to wear them on rl, they are so comfy :b crazy is one of the firsts store i've "meet" on sl and i still love the stile and the detail attention :D
Bag: [ glow ] studio I <3 style="font-weight:bold;">
Boots: [SC] Surf Couture - Olea Boots by - Emma Gilmour
Yeah those are from an old 50Linden friday so im not sure if you can still grab them :\

Pose: Frooti - Fierce Inspiration by - Frooti Lemondrop

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Hugs kisses and popsicles
Bonnie x


i'm soooooo sorry folks.. I was so busy with my classes, that i had to stop sl for a while.. Now i'm back and i miss you so so much (: gonna make a new post later on today, and i hope you'll like it as much i'll.

Bonnie *