Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer + Fashion fair + Awareness = LOVE

So here we go, another nice fair is gonna come up, and we ALL love fairs don't we? New releases, exclusive items, lotsa fashion stores together, all in ONE spot, and this one and only spot ♥
So have you heard about the Black and Blue fair? It's ALMOST OVER! But it was very nice, even more because of it's subject: raising awareness of mental health issues...
[ TP HERE to the B&B Fair before it's gone!].

This one, The Summer of Love fair, is made by the creator of B&B fair, and is gonna be touching the same subject just slightly different: now more focused on issues caused by human relationships, for example bullying, abuse and bereavement and so on... I need to say i like the fact that it's not only a simple fashion fair, its a fashion fair about a serious subject.. so we can say serious + fun!

Got it? i did :P The fair is planned to start July 18th, and will last until August 8th! A lot of time to check around stuff... (i like it when it doesn't last only a week lol), and u will have some of your favorite designers on it, showing us brand new and exclusive items - Note, these items will be available only at the fair while its going on - We will have clothing.. skins.. poses... accessories.. hair.. dude, everything you need i'm sure :P
Now i'll tell you some of the Designers that joined this fair so you can drool a little bit!
DeetaleZ, (posh), Botanical, TheAbyss, Exodi, Ducknipple, Nomine, Acid & Mala, *BOOM*, Scribble, LacieCakes, HOC Industries, Cynful, !Imabee, CnS e-motion, «moloko», Exile, Nyte'N'Day, The Plastik, T Junction.... well i could go on and on with tons of more, but then i wouldn't shut up! :P

Look! some of the stuff u might find... but don't look too long, it's only a sneak a peak!!!

Well... more info will come out.. soooooooooon... because for now... the rest is a secret *grins*

The summer of love fair, love for EVERYONE!

Hugs kisses and popsicles,

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fashionlicious (so not original titles♥)

[17:50] Claire Biscuit: ok so are you recording yet? :o
[17:50] Bonnie Forder: yuss
[17:50] Claire Biscuit: omgomgomg haiii peoples! *waves histerically*
[17:51] Claire Biscuit: oh wait.. people can't see gestures on blogs right? ... nevermind.
[17:51] Claire Biscuit: moving on...
[17:51] Bonnie Forder: lmao... ok, so we should share our story with them?
[17:52] Claire Biscuit: omgg, im not sure, im still embarrassed by that LOL .. i mean , poor megz lol
[17:52] Bonnie Forder: oh gosh me too... do you think that megz gonna be mad? :o
[17:52] Claire Biscuit: well it's kinda funny afterall.. the lady went all histerically running after her and i couldn't even realise why at first
[17:53] Bonnie Forder: then i saw megz face... she was like "omg wtf?" O.O i couldnt stop laughing
[17:53] Claire Biscuit: hahahahahhahahhah
[17:53] Bonnie Forder: xD
[17:53] Claire Biscuit: but i mean, i don't want to be mean to Glam Affair cash register ladies, but it was the lady's fault, she was the one forgetting to take off megz's belt tag alarm!
[17:54] Bonnie Forder: i saw the lady in slow motion yelling at us ahahahah
[17:55] Bonnie Forder: oh yes it was her fault... but my tummy was hurtig so much.. i was crying too... i couldnt... seriously i couldnt stop laughing
[17:55] Claire Biscuit: ROFL well... i guess we just shared the story tho. so it's done. xD so now all the people around will think we are some thiefs or something
[17:55] Bonnie Forder: we? i didnt do anything.. it was megz ahahaha
[17:56] Claire Biscuit: lmao.. shup, u know what i meant!
[17:56] Bonnie Forder: i was sitting o the floor laughing while you were looking at me like "stop Bonnie i'm gonna die" ahahahahah
[17:59] Claire Biscuit facepalms ... ok ok, let's stop this.. poor megzi.. but well its done. so yeah people, this was our story today... after that it was all okay and we got all laughing about it togheter and crazy and woohooo! we decided to pose all sexy for you guys to show-off our new stuff:
(click to enlarge a bit)

Claire... Can you handle this
Megz... Can you handle this
Bonnie... Can you handle this
I don't think they can handle this! whoooooooooo!

On Bonnie (Left)

Hair: (Posh) ; Rumor ; Coffee
This is a little store that we've found out, and i must admit it.. Love the hair, they are sooooo CUTE :D.

*Skin: Amacci Skin ~ Helen (Nutmeg BR) - 07 Soft NEW
As a skin lover, since i saw this new release from Amacci i fell in love.. Omg so innocent, so cute.. Gotta love it

Liner: [ATOMIC] Liner - Thorn

Kosh and Concrete Flowers are stores that you must visit.. Seriously.. Amazing Stuff, and very CUTE aswell *_* yay, cutie stuff!

Necklace2: Shampoooo Clock Necklace

Button up Shirt: Twosome - A Lady's Blouse . white

Vest & Skirt: oyakin*fur-vest(beige /


Boots: Mentine
~Tight Knee Boots ~ 4Brown Suede Variations
Valentine I love you woman... I feel SO sexy with your boots on :D yayyyyyy! ♥ The boots come with a menu where you can On/Off a walk AO and a walk sound, aswell as click to change the texture, size and shine!

Bag: Baiastice Caramel - shoulder bag round
Baiastice, a store that is definitely my style.. Poshy *blushes* Sissy thank you for existing *_*

Claire and Bonnie Poses by - *EverGlow*

Love the Poses here, they go from poshy to cute.. =D

On Claire (Middle)

Hair: (Posh) ; Morning After
Cute new hair store we found! And cute owner aswell :) go check it out, don't we all love a *new* thing? teehee!

Shades: (Elate!) Susie Cateye Shades NEW
Nice and so IN! Gotta love these glasses ♥

[Atomic] Frilled - Brick

Belt & Ankle Boots: Mentine
Hah! Look but really LOOK at this belt... nice sculpty, nice texture.. and the boots? the ankle boots? ♥ omg... do u want moawr? visit the store. hah.

Jeans: [CALYPSO GIANO] Stonewash Jeans - CLASSIC - F9
This is my favorite store for jeans, for real. i HEART the jeans there.. go go go!

Bracelets: *La Forgia Jewels* Thalia Bracelet - Passion*

On Megz (Right)

Hair: ploom - Blondes 1 - Rourke - Dirty Blond

Skin:*League* Taylor Medium -Silverlining- Frex-Cleavage

Eyes: *Reflex 12 Realistic Green Eyes 2C

Lashes: Miamai_NoAlpha Lashes_N01

Monroe Piercing: Dinova Designs- Pierced Star Monroe Star Peircing Platinum - Savonna Dinova
(Store closed??)

Jumper: - fri. - Paradiso.Romper (Tuscany) belt included

Bag:[LeLutka]-SACK bag/seashell_AO

Bangles: (CREAMSHOP) - lily bangle (white) set

Ring: Bastchild "Treasured" Princess Plati Wedding Ring Set for Women

Shoes: Maitreya Gold - IXkin Champagne-Duo

*The one skin!

comes with 6 tones and each one have all those makeups (:

P.S: Since the post was so long already, our comments were short on each store ;) and now, enjoy this along with the post:

Hugs kisses and popsicles,


Monday, June 21, 2010

A screwed up night...

Bonnie is still hangovering... So today is me writting the post. So yeah, as you can see our night was not one of the best nights ever. We went to GOL, she actually went expecting.. kinda... to find a nice guy.. i think.. she was all dressed-up, all pretty and smexy, i decided to go just.. normal lol, just as i can be a little bit more shy and such. So by the end of the night she ruined her make up, on her MY UGLYDOROTHY skin, because this guy was such a jerk to her... I guess i don't need to say it was her tears ruining it. She ended up drinking too much, for real. By the end of the night, I was sitting next to her outside, without knowing what to do... what should we do in these situations?...

(click to enlarge a bit)

On Bonnie (left)
Hair: Cake Papercut - Black Hair
Once again we blog something of an old store :D YAY, they deserved it aswell! Well, i know cake for 3 years on sl and this is one of my fav. hair that Stumbelina Ophelia did.

Skin: *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Luckyskin(Blacktears2) (luckyBoard)
Well i got this skin and i was very lucky to get it xD since its a luckyboard skin and it was with B on it when i rezzed there ahah :D lucky me.. Btw, you'll have to join the group first so you can receive the skin :D

Necklace: [ skream! ] dewdrop. strings of pearls
Oh gosh [ skream! ] have sooooo many acessories for you to choose that you probably would buy the whole store :p. And Jacqueline Cliassi is SO sweet, yay! definitely a store to visit :D

Dress: DeeTaleZ Dresses funky red with tights
Thank you Steffi Villota for making such cute and awesome clothes... i feel great on it.. An this dress.. c'mon i know you guys love it too.... :p Oh... and the Socks, gosh.. so real :o Love it *_*

Socks: DeeTaleZ Socks nylon black

Shoes: Ingenue :: Freynii :: Crimson
If you love chique clothes this is a store that you have to visit :D seriously i went crazy with the shoes. They are like, awesome :D

On Claire (Right)

Hair: [Ploom] Sylvan - Dirt
So today my besty besty told me what? this! she told me that the owner of Deviant Kitties opened up a new store with different styled hair. I must admit i wasn't the best person to comment about DK hair, since it wasn't my fav. kind of style, but this new store is different, improved, and nice! You gotta check it out ;)

Skin : FishyStrawberry - *Fi-St* Skin Natalie
Commented on first post, even tho doesn't get overrated :D

Eyes: Deetalez grey brown 2 eyes
Yeaaah! Deetalez has nice eyes, and i had to get a pair!

Piercings and Bracelet : [ skream! ] "I don't care" - Hollywood Blvd. Navel - Running Bangles
I found out this store recently and fell in love straight away! Even more with the piercing i'm using in this pic (too bad u can't see it well, but for sure in another post i MUST do a close-up!)

Necklace: *Just Me* Star Necklace Black
Another adorable necklace from Just Me! And guess what? it's MINE! ... ok ok, can be yours too, i share i share... u just have to drag ur butt to the store :P (it has a little star wich is covered by my hair, i love stars ♥

Top: *T.whore* Suck My Top VioletPurple... purple.. is my favorite color dude! This top i'm wearing was well designed, nice texture, simple but pretty... well, words for what?

Panties & Jeans: Deetalez - Pants from "MyLook Style 05" - Panties:sexy hotpants green frottee
I know you can't see very well on this pic the jeans and the panties i'm wearing, but trust me they are super nice, in terms of textures Deetalez makes an awesome job. Soon we will post more about Deetalez so don't stress. teehee! :P

Hugs kisses and popsicles,

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Where's the sunblocker?

Oh lord, yesterday the weather guy said it was gonna be an hot day, so me and Bonnie decided to go out to the Beach. We were thinking how pale we were looking in our Mynerva skins, so we kinda wanted to take some nice sunbath. Obviously she forgot the sunblocker and since i'm broke, i couldn't go to RC cluster to buy some! Eh. The picture below will show you our final results >.>
Although, today we decided to be brave and go back to the beach, this time we decided to go to Artilleri beach! It was an amazing beach i must admit, and guess what... She decided that she wanted to teach me surfing with the brand new surf boards she got us from Slash Me Poses (SMP) - I tottaly failed. Besides the cold water burning on my skin, i couldn't simply get up on the surf board and just stayed the whole afternoon sitting on it, while she would yell at me to try to stand up, and ride those waves like a crazy chick! There were people on voice around us, and some of them were actually laughing... Now im just wondering if they were laughing at my stupid look on the surf board and my childish yells, or our sunburns... :P
But one thing i'm sure... They weren't laughing at our bikinis, wich u will get to know where they're from if you keep reading! :D

(Click to enlarge a bit)

On Bonnie (Left)

Hair: - Anna - Reds
Yes, a hair again x.x whaaaaat? i know you like it too :b

Lashes: [ATOMIC] Lashes - Desire

Eyes: LAQ ~ Dazzling Mixed Eyes

Skin: Mynerva - Elise
I think that where i spend more money is on skins, love skins.. Some of you know what i feel when i see a store full of amazing skins.. its like i went crazy "i want this one and that one, and, and, and this... oh i have to calm down" so when i found Mynerva i got histericall, not only because there's an entire room full of skins, but also because of their prices.. you really have to visit this store, not to mention that Rhapzody Wilde is such a very nice person... and as i said before, for me, that's a plus. i hate rude people. Well you can see a close up photo with all the make ups of this skin, just keep reading!

Bikini: *BOOM* Infinity Bikini Top -Floral Orange
Well, i have to tell you that Boom is another of my fav. stores of the grid, Aranel Ah always makes awesome and SEXY clothes *_* if you handle it (:b) i suggest you to start TPing.... oh WAIT WAIT... read the whole post first, there's more coming :D

Jewelry: Mariposa: Aubade Turquoise
Oh, first of all unfortunately, you wont see all the perfect detail of this necklace on the pics... sad but true (scroll down to the skin close up view to see the necklace better). I found this store when i was walking down at LE.LOOK, and i can say that i'm glad i did... Felicity Winslet is such a doll, very nice as well... Love the store, Love the jewels and love the owner.. Perfect match! And for those who are trying to find good jewelry on sl, this is a store that i'm gonna recommend forever!! you should visit (she has freebies and MM board too :b).

SurfBoard: Slash me Poses -/me Hangs Ten -unpack
Again, another creator that's super cool and nice, Claire Dallin made this awesome surfboards that are definitely a "MUST HAVE" item, we only use 2 boards, but there are 3 more and all of them with a gorgeous pose on it.. Its easy to use :D if you have a place where you can rez items, then you use the "rez me" if you dont, no need to be sad :p use the one "wear me" and it will be the same *_* . Thanks Claire Dallin you've made my day! (Claire is using the same)

[19:16] Claire Biscuit: Of course she has to be nice, she has my name! xD

On Claire (right):

Hair: REEK & Tiny Bird
This hair is a collaboration with Riq Graves of the store Reek. I must say this was an amazing idea, and i was surprised to see this hair at the actual store "REEK" - So apparently the pair of glasses (wich i ♥) on the hair, come by default as red, even tho he sells separated glasses, "Denton Shades" wich come with an HUD to change the color u will be able to change the color of the hair glasses ;)

Eyelashes: Crissy Designs - **Extra Volume**
I think this store is not super known, but i really advice you to check it out. The eyelashes are cheap, easy to fit, and gorgeus. She also sells eyes, outfits... Just take a look at it :)

Necklace & Bracelet: Curious Kitties - Key to my heart
Hah.. another old but awesome store. One of my favorite things in that store is the accessories they sell! These ones are simple, but pretty.. and sculpty hehe! I hold myself the key to my own heart... :P

Bikini: *BOOM* Infinity Dots Kini-Red
Hah, she already spoke about this one... But i'll have to say that my bikini is prettier *smirks* i love the retro style that it gives :P and polka dots are just awesomesauce. Not to mention that they are nice quality texturized!

Nails: [ Love Soul ] Posing nails (spoken about on previous posts)

SUNBURN: RC Cluster - RC- Burny and Orange Tan
Dudeee... This is my FAVORITE store in this crazy virtual world. Redd Columbia thank you for existing woman! Your ideas are just... Wow. The most silly but still awesome store of SL. Anything you need, and anything you don't need, u can find it there. About the sunburn, it comes in underwear layers, with 2 different burns, and also the tattoo layer for the new SL 2.0!


So here's the make-ups of Cynthia and Elise Skins, from Mynerva! C'mon girls, aren't they super cute? If u're a freckler lover just like me then even better! The skins can come with freckles, without freckles, can come with cleavage, without cleavage, with blush, without blush... Just go over this awesome store we just discovered, and take a good look!

And that's it for today!

Hugs kisses and popsicles,

Friday, June 18, 2010

I got more moves than the octomom got kids, so take that, biotch!

Hiya :D
Today we decided to go a little bit bitchy :p this inst our fav style, but when you match it right it can turn into a great and smexy deal... I was just wondering why do a lot of ladies love to use oversized boobs and butts, wear super small tops and skirts, i mean... er... i like it sexy but c'mon lets make it truly sexy and not that exagerated... So yeah we've done it right *sticks out tongue*

Here's the pic (click to enlarge a bit):
On Bonnie (right):

Hair: - Jasmine.Browns
Once again Friday :x oh lord i love Friday.. Everything i had to say i just did at the previous post

Skin: *League* Skin Deeptan -Taylor
*sigh* League is releasing some pretty awesome skins :o i know that since you look at my face you desire this skin muahahahar

Eyes: LAQ ~ Dazzling Hazel Eyes
Thank you Mallory Cowen for your existence.. you make me feel DAMN HAWWWTTT!

Lashes: [ATOMIC] Lashes - Desire
Atomic is an old store on SL and yes i know, Ivy Graves ROCKSSS!!! She doesnt have a single item that i dislike... Not even one :D and i'm very picky

Necklace: *LC* - Piper Necklace Set
Well i dont even know how i found this store, but i'm glad i did, this necklace is so cuteee *_*, comes with 3 types one that you can attach on your mouth, another to spine and other to chest, yes 3 different necklaces :O W0000t. oh! almost forgot to tell you that you have 4 colors that you can choose, all black, black/bronze, black/ gold and Black/silver.. Awesome uh? :D

[ Love Soul ] Posing nails

Top: -SU!- Candy Pajama
Oh gosh SU! is another store that i'm glad i've found, Eleanor Cyberstar makes a lot of clothes with this style and does it quite good :b. gotta love it!!

Skirt: *Just Me* Meggie Skirt Black
Actually i didnt know this store, claire was the one who showed it to me, and yes i loved it.. Very great sculpted clothes (and too sexy btw *_*)... YAY thanks Claire :b

Socks: -ROOTS- 00L10006
I like this store, i just have a question :o how do you find the right item that you want on your inventory if you purchase 10 items of this creator, all those number :o i mean for us is quite easy, just need to change the folder name... But on her inventory O_O ....

Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Anita (Aubergine)
I know Stiletto Moody for ages *smiles* Love her sculpted quality, the colors and the "sexy business lady" style they have... I just have one prob, the script... omg the skin texture script... Please Stiletto Moody if you're reading this make yout skin texture script a lil bit easier to work with *_*

On CLAIRE (Left):

Hair: sWEET Hair sWEET FACEs - [BaronessV1][colorDT11]
Well i really like long hair and when i saw this store i was like "wow perfect for the bitchy post" :p so yes! here it is :D

Jeans: FuK'N'Hawt - halfsie jeans fishnet Pinstripe
I think its a shame that this store isn't more spoken about. Really, i mean, it's really nice... small and nice, and perfect for this bitchy style that everyone tends to like! I must also say that the creator is really sweet, take some nice pics wearing her clothes and she might pin them up on her store wall :P teehee

Top & Belt : *Just Me* - Heya Top Dark Red Peas (Vest)
U are SO not gonna deny that this top is awesome... And the belt, perfectly fits my hips! Comments about this store were made above already, but i couldnt keep myself from speaking about it too, and i won't shut up still for now... just keep reading! teehee! :P

Shoes: #OC# - Mercy Burgundy
Dude, this store is small and has a few sculpts... apparently the creator decided to go on the shoes way, and i think that was a great decision. I was amazed by these shoes they released.... in loooove. GO ON, MAKE MOAWR SHOES, I WANT MOWAR! :P

SKIN!: *Just Me*- So I really wanted to leave the skin to the end... Because this one is a brand-NEW release from "Just me"! Just really got out of the oven, hence this close-up now:
(Click to enlarge a bit) - Look at that eye... That's a really really sexy make-up. Not to mention that Typha Bailey just started making skins, so look how wonderfull it actually looks! I'm sure it took a lot of time and work from her to make such a nice skin, its her first and its already awesome! She has a darker tone aswell, and tons of crazy, pretty, classy, "weird" and fun make-ups to try on! So go there and take a look, that's my best advice in this post!

*Same nails as Bonnie :)

I've decided that with this look i didnt feel like wearing too much accessories hehe... so that's about it!!!

Hugs kisses and popsicles,

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A change is never overrated!

So today we felt like looking sportive (since everyone is making stuffz with a couture style, gipsy or formal looks.. heh) Here's the pic :D

On Bonnie (left)

Hair: - Jasmine - Blacks
I've got to tell you that is one of my fav. stores of the grid, everything i buy and i dress up makes me feel SO comfy. All the textures, the type of the clothes arrrg so cute (: i'll never get bored of Thank you Parvarti Monday and Darling Monday

Glasses: CHEERNO.EIGHTIES - Sunglasses.BLUE
Well, today i was making a lil shopping and i ended up on a small "mall" called circle project... i was looking for a store that i didnt find (unfortunately :( ) but... yeah i saw this colorfull store, those glasses popped up and i had to buy them (: .
Its a store with a lot of great stuff for guys. So boys this is a place that you, definitely, have to visit.

Skin: LAQ ~ Aline [Peach]
Oh gosh, i cant tell you anything about LAQ. This is my fav skins store, all the details, skin colors, makeups.. oh my Love it.. Love it Love it.. everytime that Mallory Cowen releases a new skin i have to buy it, cant resist :x

Nails: [ Love Soul ] Posing nail
Love soul is one of the most famous stores of prim nails, and those i'm wearing are very helpfull for people who wants to take some pictures but, still, using prim nails...This was one of the best ideas that this woman had, as you know, normal prim nails dont fit properly to the hand poses you make. So Love Soul has the solution, they are scripted to make a good fit on your anim and pose. awesome uh? :D yay!!

Jacket: -Veschi- Off The Chain! Navy
As i said, today was a shopping day and i went to veschi for a couple of new clothes... bought some other stuff of the store and when i was about to leave the store my cam got crazy and zoomed nearby the vendors of this jacket... i was like OMG so fashion, and i ended up to buy it :b

Belt: Emery - Belt Bake #Turquoise
When i went to emery the first time i was like, hmmm its ok, its nice not awesome.. just ok... But i have to admit it, sunami Beck new releases are awesome, super stylish (:
Shorts: Emery - Short On E #Red

Socks: WWI Army Girl Garter Socks
I've known this store for a long time and a few months ago i landed there, thanks to a friend of mine... (btw thanks dude :b) And yeah ended up buying these amazing socks. Yup, they are amazing. C'mon say it! :P

Sneakers: 2Real PRO_SPEC
Another small store, but way too awesome. Sneakers store, realistic and good sculpties.. what else u need?! Not to mention that the creator is a really nice guy, wich is a plus for any customer!

Radio: Ghettoblaster 120DX - Creator (Viti Lamatia)
We needed a BoomBox so badly! We were both of us crazy looking all over SL for one, and ta daa, we decided to search on Xstreet LOL (how smart....*coughs*) but hey, isn't it nice!? Imagine yourself walking around SL like this ;)

On Claire (right)

Hair : SIXTY NINE [ 69 ] MOA 02
Okay, i didn't visit this store in awhile i must admit, and i was shocked to see that there's only a few hair there! Even tho new hair, just like this one!!! If she's releasing more awesome ones like this, imma die :D

Skin : Fishy Strawberry . Skin Natalie
Not an "oh so known" store, but hey it's a REALLY nice skin, i got in love with it first time i looked. That says all.

Jacket: Canimal - Varsity Jacket
Canimal, now u're thinking: gosh what an old store... i know right? But old stores have the right to be good aswell! haha! And Canimal has been in SL since i know i exist in here... i must say that can be a record for a lot of stores, and i still find a lot of things there very cute!

Top : SU!- Basic Top Black 2
A small store i found outta the blue, but dude it has amazing stuff! Just go visit it... Jeans, awesome tops, accessories... lovah lovah!

Stockings : Stellar Designs - SD Tall Tube Sox - Neon Green
And here we go, another old old store! But Stellar keeps updating it, improving it, and i still love it, for 3 years i've always shopped there! Another record in our crazy virtual world!!

Shorts : AOHARU - BT_DenimShortPants_LightBlue
As usual, awesome sculpts and hey.. the shorts are open! *smirks*

Sneakers : 2REAL - PURE
Commented above :P Of course i could go on and on about this store, but i won't bug ya anymore :P

Nails : [ Love Soul ] Posing nail*Square-Glossy French*
Commented above too!

Headphones - --[ PnD ]-- HeadPhones

Poses - Claire - Akeyo stand AO
- Bonnie - kuzo AO

Sports + Music = Love. Thats all i have to say!

Hugs kisses and popsicles,

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First round!

Hi folks :D
Claire and i have been friends for long time (real life friends actually), and we were bored of making the same things on sl everyday... So yesterday i've come up with this idea of starting a blog with her (since we have good tastes and silly minds) , and guess what? it was SO much fun (even more because great minds think alike!) Therefore, we're going to invest on this idea and we hope that creators and readers cooperate with us. :D yay! *jumps excited* teehee!

Well, now i'm going to give you all the informations about our outfits
(i bet that you're anxious for that :b)

On Claire (left):

Hair: !lamb. Found

Necklace: *chronokit* - Unfortunately this was an exclusive Winter Fest Accessory :(

Skin: Fishy Strawberry . Skin Natalie

Shirt: [Random] Cutie (White,,Long)

Leggings: !Nayar - Star Fishnet

Eyes: MIASNOW Eyes - Genuine blue green - FREEBIE ALERT! :D

Bracelet: EarthStones - Gypsy Bangle

Skirt + Bonnie Shorts: AMERIE - Zingy / Tag pants_Blue

Shoes + Bonnie Boots : UBU PornStar Lo-Tops / UBU RetroStars Rain Boots

On Bonnie (right):

Hair: TRUTH Marnie Streaked . mocha NEW!

Eyes: LAQ ~ Dazzling Mixed Eyes

Skin: [ATOMIC] Skin Emma_Cream NEW!

Shirt: *Linc* V-Neck Top Longsleeve Agryll

Bag: *COCO* _ShoulderBag_Black

Tights: BP* colorful border Tights/brown

Glasses (Bonnie&Claire): Oh boy you'll have to wait for those :p it will be worth it, surprise surprise!!! :P

Pose: :Snookys Poses :Peace Out

Hugs kisses and popsicles,