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Bonnie Forder,
Please leave a notecard if i'm offline! I will appreciate to read it and answer ASAP!

I really enjoy and feel flattered when designers ask me to blog their stuff, makes me want to give my best and make wonderfull posts - understand that sometimes i can do a new post everyday, sometimes i can't due to RL. But i always warn the creators!
✎ In case you want me to review your items, please drop me a folder or box with what u wish to be reviewed, including a notecard with your store name, your name, correct landmark and if u are in a rush, so i can manage wich posts i do first. If you want any aditional information that you want me to say, let me know on the NC aswell!
✎ Understand that i -usually- mix up things in the same post so i can talk about several or different stores, and not making one exclusive and one less exclusive.
✎ I reserve the right to not blog items if i consider that they don't really fit my own style.. So if you have doubts on this subject, you can talk with me first and show your store :).