Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My green place...

Hai y'all :b
Well i was on vacations the past week and now i'm back for more blogging.. As i got new stuff to blog i think today imma make 2 or 3 posts lmao not sure.. cause this is going to be a really busy week for me, so making 3 posts today gets me free to work the whole week. :D Sooo, let me show you the first look :b

Close up:

Hair: [Anaphora]_Nikole by Vidal Giordano
it's kinda embarrassing cause i didnt know this store :o and i found out by inspecting a hair from a girl i saw randomly at maitreya when i was buying her new release :b and i actually fell in love and bought a coupple of hairstyles and decided to blog this one :b isnt it cute? *_* i think soo!

Glasses: *Glasiz* LiveLife [NEW] by Enzo Davies
I found this new store with this crazy glasses and i saw that they have quality so i give it a change. AND i loveee them..the store is quite new, not everyone knows it, BUT SHOULD.. So get your a***s over there and grab yourself a pair or two who knows :b

Skin: [FC] by michi fhang

Ears: AITUI by jesseaitui petion

Necklace: KOSH [NEW] by Lynaja Bade
LOVEEEEEE so well made *_* i love all the items from kosh :D

Cardigan: =IZUMIYA= by Izumi Homewood

Top: Ingenue :: [NEW] by Betty Doyle
This is a new release from ingenue and i must say that all of ingenue's clothes are sooo cute and well done (: Love them all *_*

Belt: Baiastice [NEW] by Sissy Pessoa
i'm in love with this belt, gosh :o

Shorts: (Milk Motion) [NEW] by Marie Lauridsen

Bag: (Milk Motion) [NEW] by Marie Lauridsen

Shoes: Maitreya Gold [NEW] by Onyx LeShelle
Every time onyx makes a new release i NEVER et disappointed NEVER! All her creations are AMAZING and i couldnt live without this new shoes :D

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hugs kisses and popsicles,
Bonnie x

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